Saturday, April 24, 2010

Organize Your Stuff Challenge - week # 16

Paints, glitter and Stickles are the focus of week 16 for the organizing challenge. Since I only have a small supply of each of these, this was an easy task for me. My stickles are stored in a 3-drawer sterlite container with my embossing stuff. I've moved the paint (out of a CTMH distressing kit) over to the stickles drawer so everything is in the same place. That means my distressing kit now holds only the "tools" to distress, such as my texture tools, paint brushes, sanding blocks and edge distresser. My small 1" x 1" distressing inks were also moved out of the kit and into the 3-drawer organizer. I'm amazed how much this little organizer holds.

Love my P-touch labeler ~ top drawer: Stickles, MS glitter/glittering glue, paint, mini distressing inks and fun flock, middle drawer: Staz-On pads, VersaMark pad, embossing powders and sculpting foam, and the bottom drawer: heat gun, craft tray, stamp double scrubber and chalks. I still have enough room to expand my Stickles and embossing powder collection, so I'm sticking with this organizer. It's the perfect size for the Expedite cubbies and I even have enough space to store my Prismacolor pencil tin on the top. Cross week 16 off the list!

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