Saturday, May 29, 2010

Organize Your Stuff Challenge - week # 21

Week 21 of the Organize Your Stuff Challenge posted this question - "Question of the week: If you handwrite your journaling/doodle on your pages, what are your favorite pens to use?" I'm ashamed to say I don't hand write anything. All my journaling is on the computer and I know I need to change that. I love finding papers with my father's and grandmother's handwriting, but I just can't stand my own. I might have to challenge myself to do just one layout with some hand journaling and see how it goes.

My CTMH markers are stored in an Exclusive Inks Organizer with my ink pads. My set of Prismacolor pencils are stored in their original tin and are kept on top of the 3-drawer organizer that houses my embossing stuff, paints and chalks. Even with the pencil tin on top, the organizer fits nicely in an Expedite cubbie. The only other pens (Sakura glitter gelly roll and write 'n rub foiling pen) I own are stored in my PC tool caddy. There is plenty of room in the tool caddy to house some new journaling pens though ;)

I'll have to purchase one of the Zig markers that a few fellow Peas have mentioned to be a great journaling pen. Once I attempt a layout with handwritten journaling, I'll post for your review. Be kind though, I have handwriting issues.

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  1. You are welcome for the directions to the altered altoids tin Lisa, I love to share such things! I can't wait to make another tutorial for the recipe / photo box! :)