Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Picture Scrapbooking

I'm so excited! I'm taking the 52 Card Pick Up class with Tena Sprenger over at Big Picture Scrapbooking and it starts on Thursday. Here's a description of the class ... just in case you want to join me.

"Want to play 52 card pick up? No, not that crazy card game you played as a kid where you ended up picking up all the cards off the floor! Enroll in 52 Card Pick Up with Tena Sprenger and pick up 52 fun and inspirational tips and techniques to add to your paper crafting arsenal. Tena is a 2004 Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame Winner, sought-after scrapbooking instructor, and co-author of Artful Memories and Lifelines for Northlight Books. She can't wait to share her top 52 scrapbooking recipes, tips, and experiments she has picked up over the years! In this returning ten-week, creativity-packed course, each student will create a funky chunky 52-card deck of tip and technique cards to house on a 2-inch hinge ring.

Be prepared to think outside the box and get a little messy: Tena loves to use art supplies, glitter and glue! When class is over, everyone will have a 52-card deck chock full of inspiration and how-to tips to hook on their scrap tote or bulletin board to refer to for an instant creativity jumpstart. Just think: the deck is fabulous, and the inspiration will fuel your creativity long after class is over! Tena's expertise and energy will inspire you to infuse your scrapbook pages with creativity! "

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  1. I tagged you to play along with the automobile meme if you would like :)