Monday, September 20, 2010

Color Me Monday by Jeanette Lynton

Mix & Match for Magical Results

"The CTMH art studio has had a ton of fun recently playing and experimenting with the newly introduced Summer color palettes. These fresh new hues represent what’s hot in clothing, design, and home décor, and will definitely bring warmth and pizzazz to your papercrafting projects.

First up is a classic primary color scheme centering on Pacifica (blue), Cranberry (red), and Honey (yellow), with a little Colonial White for balance. Each primary is strong, but when you use one in dominant quantities (as was done with the Pacifica), you can always achieve proper color proportion.

Here, the studio used a primary color combo, but with a twist. The focus color is Holiday Re, the yellow is Buttercup, and instead of a traditional blue to complete the primary look, our great Lagoon color was used.

Next up, a complimentary color scheme. Complimentary colors are found across from each other on a color wheel, like red and green (here, Smoothie/Baby Pink for my reds and Topiary for the green were used). Complimentary colors ALWAYS work well together, and often include the matches of red/green, orange/blue, and yellow/purple for primary starters—as you add black to any one of the colors, you’ll deepen its shade. As you add white to a color, you’ll get a lighter tint.

Check out yet another great example of a complimentary color combination which uses Gypsy purple and Crème Brulee yellow as opposites that attract. A subtle hint of Amethyst and Colonial sooth the purple/yellow combination.

Here’s an analogous color combination (also called a “harmonious” combination). To create an analogous combo, select 3-4 different colors that are adjacent to each other on a color wheel; they are similar without being monochromatic. Here, Sunset, Crème Brulee, and Cocoa, were used with just a touch of Olive for contrast.

Here's a “split” color combination—blue and yellow are primary colors, but their blend is green. Here, Sunny Yellow is used as the focus, with Crystal Blue and Sweet Leaf as supporting colors. A touch of Chocolate and Colonial White keep this party under control."

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