Monday, September 13, 2010

Color Me Monday by Jeanette Lynton

Bold, Bright, Beautiful

"If you have a passion for bold, bright, beautiful colors, then odds are you’re wild about our brand new Summer Carnival palette. These six primary and secondary colors will transform any piece of artwork into an eye-catching masterpiece that demands your attention, thanks to our new Gypsy, Sunset, and Pacifica hues, complemented by our faves in Holiday Red, Sunny Yellow, and Topiary.
Check out my fun artwork—from a flashy bingo game made using our versatile Memory Keeper box to the raffle box, invitation card, ring toss, and of course, our prize ribbons. What great ideas for a school carnival or child’s birthday party! In addition to the splash of summer color, I also love the strong use of paper medallions in the various projects, like the banner and the ribbons. These are SO easy to make!"

Jeanette Lynton

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