Wednesday, August 24, 2011

52 Weeks of Wonder

Return of the Mask!

"In an earlier Weeks of Wonder post, I showed you some of the fun layering possibilities that you can achieve with the masking technique. See it here. This week I’ll revisit masking as a way to bring added pattern and dimension to your stamping.

Look at the pattern that has been stamped on the schoolhouse of this card. You’ll notice that the cross-hatch pattern doesn’t go onto the “School” sign, or the door, or even outside the schoolhouse walls. You can stamp patterns on selected portions of any image by using a mask! Here’s how:

Start by stamping your selected image on a piece of cardstock or B&T paper, as well as on a post-it note. Post-it notes make great masks because the adhesive keeps your mask in place without leaving residue on your project.  Use your micro-tip scissors to trim around the inside of your stamped image – not the outside as you would with an ordinary mask. Trim out whatever parts you’d like to fill in with a pattern, but leave the outside of the image and any interior features (like the door or the "School” sign) attached to the mask.

Line your mask up with your original image, and then stamp your texture directly over the mask. The cross-hatch pattern on this schoolhouse card comes from the Tasty Treats stamp set (D1427). Keep the mask in place and sponge in added color for a solid look.

You can see that once you’ve made a mask for an image, you can use it over and over again. Store the mask you’ve created in the same envelope with your stamps and use it on as many projects as you like.

There are hundreds of stamp images you can add patterns to by using this technique – the fun part is getting creative with your image and pattern pairings to bring an extra dash of “you” to your artwork!"

Jeanette Lynton

I love the effect using masks gives my projects.  Although the micro scissors work is time-consuming, the end result is worth the extra effort.

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  1. I use masking a lot as well. the post below is amazing I needed that reminder.
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