Wednesday, June 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Wonder

Become a Dimension Diva!

"If you don’t currently own an embossing pen, you’ll certainly reconsider after seeing all it can do to elevate your artwork. Embossing pens can add precise, dimensional detail to any project—more so than an embossing pad—and in no time, you’ll become an embossing diva! 

Next, let’s look at this Happy Father’s Day card, shown above. Having embossing on both the hot air balloon and part of the sentiment really brings balance to the composition of the card.

If you’re looking for something even more meaningful for dad this holiday, a mini album is a wonderful, unique gift that’s also time-friendly. (It’s also a great way to get children involved in the project—each child can decorate his or her page for dad; and we have so many options to choose from! Here, I’ve chosen our All Sorts album.) The “Here’s To You” Father’s Day album not only highlights a variety of ways the pen can be used, it should give you some great artwork inspiration (hint, hint: you still have time). On the cover the embossing pen was used in conjunction with a ruler to create the straight lines that frame the photo. A fast and dramatic way to snazz up basic cardstock!"

Jeanette Lynton

Jeanette has great instructions for embossing on her blog post.  Plus, she has shared all the pages of her Father's Day mini album, cover shown above.  What a wonderu gift for any father!

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