Thursday, June 2, 2011

52 Weeks of Wonder

Paint the Town!

"Today, we’re going to really break new ground by stamping with paint--a creative way to use stamps in a non-traditional forum. Using paint as a medium to stamp with takes some creativity because the results are not always “perfect,” but they are perfectly delightful!

You can stamp with Pearl Paint as it is for a white pearl finish, which works well on dark papers. Or, you can tint the paint using re-inker. To do this, add some Pearl Paint to a craft jar.

Add drops of re-inker then stir using a stylus. Continue adding re-inker until the desired shade is achieved.

Lightly dip a sponge dauber into the paint. Be careful not to get too much paint on the dauber. You only need a small amount. Gently pounce the paint-filled dauber directly on the mounted stamp. Work the paint around on the stamp until a generally even coverage is achieved.

Hold the stamp straight from above and gently press the stamp to the paper. Be careful not to let the stamp slide around . . . the paint is very slippery!  The paint will not give as clean a line to the edge of the image as you’re used to with ink. Remember, messy is good here! If the integrity of the image was lost, you may have used too much paint. Clean the stamp off, dry it and try again . . . using a little less paint. Good luck and let your creativity flow."

Jeanette Lynton

Love this technique!  CTMH's Create-A-Shade™ Pearl Paint is one of my favorite products; extremely versatile and completely customizable.

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