Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Stamp Stitching Guide

"I have often talked about my father and what an inspiration he has been in my life. He was a pattern maker by trade and could create the most spectacular things from wood. It really was his example that motivated me to start designing patterns for scrapbook layouts and cards—the patterns that ultimately became our entire library of how-to books!

Although stamps are not considered patterns, they can be used as such with the simple addition of a piercing tool, needle and thread. The technique is ideally suited to thin, line stamps—just stamp in a light color (I like Bamboo), and then use the stamped image as a stitching guide. Ta-da! An easy stamped pattern.

Stamp your image using Bamboo ink or using the color of ink you are going to stitch with. A fun tip: create the perfect color of embroidery floss by carefully coloring white or neutral floss using an Exclusive Inks Marker.

Determine how far apart you want the stitches to be, I like somewhere between 3/8” and 1/4” apart. I have found that most of the time it isn’t discernible to the eye if your stitches are slightly larger and smaller, however if you’re a stickler for precision and want very evenly placed holes, pull out a ruler and lay it next to the image that will be stitched. Then, use a piercing tool and mat, pre-hole the artwork prior to stitching.

Start your stitching without knotting the thread but by taping down the end on the back side of your project. This helps reduce the bulkiness of the thread.

Stitch along your pre-holed guidelines. A skip stitch run one way and then back the other direction will help the embroidery floss stay flat and look neat on the back of the project (however, a backstitch may also be used)."
Jeanette Lynton

I LOVE the look of hand-stitching on layouts and cards!  It's well worth the time it takes for that extra WOW it gives any project.  I'm off to scrap lift Jeannette's card shown above.  I have that gorgeous flourish in my stamp collection and never thought to hand-stitch the pattern.

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