Thursday, March 10, 2011

52 Weeks of Wonder

Double the Fun!

"If you're looking for luck this St. Patrick's Day, let me suggest a stamping technique guaranteed to deliver more richness than a pot 'o gold. It's double stamping, and it's a great way to deliver richer color that will have you clicking your heels in delight.

Double stamping simply involves stamping an image, then reinking and stamping AGAIN right over the original image. Think of it as a second coat of paint—adding intensity and pop to virtually any project. You'll immediately be able to see how vibrant and deep all the colors of my stamped images are, thanks to double stamping. It's such an easy way to get rich color, but it would also be impossible with the "old" way of stamping using wood-mounted or opaque rubber stamps—you just can't see the original image beneath the double-stamped image well enough to line them up! Let's take a closer look at my "Good Luck" tag, which has the pennant stamped in Topiary using an Exclusive Inks Pad."

Check out the rest of Jeanette's gorgeous artowk on her blog. Just cick on her name above to see additional artwork and more details of the double stamping technique.

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