Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Staci Julian's Library of Memories

I pulled this info off Staci's blog from yesterday. I've been waiting to take this class since discovering her LOM system and Photo Freedom book last year. Bookmarking my calendar for April when registration begins! Will you join me? (And yes, I noticed Staci has listed two "# 5" top ten things. It's not a typo of mine.)

Library of Memories 2011 ~ TOP 10 things you need to know:

1. I am teaching Library of Memories in 2011.

2. Class will begin on Thursday, June 2nd* and run for 10 consecutive weeks. Class will wrap up the week of August 14th.

3. Registration will open the beginning of April.

4. Since I now own the rights to my book Photo Freedom, I will be re-organizing my approach and my content for the 2011 session.

5. The 2011 session will be called Finding Photo Freedom: An Introduction to Library of Memories.

5. I am creating a self-paced version of Library of Memories, using content from the 2010 session. This class will not be interactive, but it will provide students that opportunity of accessing the full content at a lower price-point.

6. After 2011, I will only be teaching Photo Freedom as a LIVE workshop, every other year.

7. Students who register for a live session of Photo Freedom are allowed to audit the next live session at no cost. In other words, you get two live sessions for the price of one. The second session being a refresher course.

8. 2010 Library of Memories students will receive the new Photo Freedom workshop at no cost.

9. Students who register for the 2011 session of Photo Freedom will be able to audit the course again in 2013.

10. All scrapbookers (new, experienced, digital, hybrid and traditional, etc…) are welcome to take Photo Freedom, which teaches principles of photo organization, digital work flow and authentic storytelling that are universal to ANYONE who wants to find more satisfaction and joy in preserving memories.

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