Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scroffice - BEFORE

Just a few shots of my scroffice before starting the 2Peas in a Bucket "Organize Your Stuff Challenge" back at the beginning of January. They're not the greatest shots, but they give you the general idea of my space. Our study is used as my home office, houses the family computer and is my primary crafting area. The photo above is the view from the double door entry-way. And yes, those are Chopper's paws at the bottom of the shot.

The photo below is looking to the right from the doorway and shows my "L" shaped desk/hutch combo unit. This unit's dual purpose is split around 25% for home office use and 75% for scrap stuff storage.

The 2 photos above show my IKEA Expedite bookcase containing most of my scrapbooking supplies. One whole wall is dedicated to this fabulous piece. The adjacent wall on the right features a double atrium door to our deck.

The Organize Your Stuff Challenge is spread out over 26 weeks, with each week focusing on a different area of your scrap space and its' many contents. We're currently on week 9 of the challenge and I'm loving the difference I see already. Look for future posts catching-up with my progress so far, as well as all the weekly challenges going forward.


  1. Love to see your before photos. I know I like the changes I see in my space - I'm glad you do, too! It's a bit daunting to spend so many weeks on this, but I'm convinced it's worth it!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. I'm eclectic_stuff over at 2 peas. Love your before pictures.