Wednesday, July 20, 2011

52 Weeks of Wonder

"My challenge to you this week is to break out of your comfort zone and take a step in a different direction. Use an atypical color scheme. Try a new tool. Today, I’ll introduce you to both those ideas with some amazing applique ... using a mix of a re-inker/Liquid Appliqué—it delivers a cool suede surprise!

The suede look is really enhanced when you use a combination of Liquid Appliqué/re-inker to create a card base. Just spread it on, let dry, then heat, and you’ll get a gorgeous suede base (shown above) for your card!

Here’s how to do it for your own project: Start by squeezing a quarter-sized amount of Liquid Appliqué onto a flat surface like the paint tray from the Distressing Kit. Add 4-6 drops of re-inker and mix well.  Gently roll a rubber brayer through the combination, fully coating the brayer. Apply the combination to the paper with the brayer, moving it back and forth in different directions allowing for a gaps and imperfections.

Let the Liquid Appliqué air dry for a few minutes to reduce the amount of “puffy bubbling” that occurs. For the suede technique, we are looking for a uniform slight puff but no bubbles. Last, use the craft tool to heat the Liquid Appliqué thoroughly. It will puff slightly but will give a suede texture, look and feel.  Repeat the steps above to add an additional color to your faux suede."

Jeanette Lynton

Pretty cool technique!  And it utilizes one of my favorite tools, the extremely versitile rubber brayer.  Making a full 12"x12" sheet gives me extra for future projects.  Just make sure the sheet is completely dry before storing the scraps ;)

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