Thursday, April 21, 2011

52 Weeks of Wonder

"Random stamping is truly a classic favorite way to use stamps. The technique can turn any plain cardstock into a work of art with verve, flair, and whatever color combination you desire. You can mix and match stamps from different sets to boost a trendy look and convey your theme perfectly.

And here's the secret to perfect random stamping: try to work in clusters of three and create some visual triangles with your stamped images. This will give balance and variety. You'll also want to rotate your stamp images if you're repeating the same image—like a flower, for example—so that the result looks more organic and natural rather than automated or mechanical. You'll also want to stamp right off the edges of your base paper as you randomize, so that some images are partial (life doesn't color within the lines, and your stamping should imitate life!) If, once you've finished stamping your "triangles," you perceive that anything is off balance or you have any odd spaces, you can always fill them in with smaller stamped images later."

Jeanette has a gorgeous mini album in the full post over on her blog, plus some hints to help discover your "inner random stamping diva".  Check it out for yourself.

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