Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shopping at IKEA

I am plowing through another round of the Organize Your Stuff Challenge over at 2 Peas in a Bucket. Some of us "organizers" were summer drop-outs and our illustrious leader (thanks Crisann!) decided to host a third round. And since my knitting hobby has kicked into high gear since the first challenge started back in January, my space has taken-on an additional function. Yarn storage is quickly becoming an issue, and I want to incorporate my fiber stash in my scroffice. So off to IKEA we go ...

I'm lucky to have 3 IKEA stores just about an hour from my home. I grabbed a scrap buddy this morning and we hit the road. I picked-up a 2x2 Expedit unit and the shelf insert shown above. I wanted some lower storage space to move my Clip It Up from the 4x4 Expedit to a more accessible height. I will be adding the upper tier to my base CIU and it will no longer work on the higher Expedit unit.

The shelf insert should work perfectly to display some gorgeous fibers I've been acquiring. The top 2 cubes will be for my yarn stash and knitting books, while the bottom 2 will be utilized for scrap stuff. The top surface should hold the CIU and my Cuttlebug.

And I couldn't resist this cute plastic bag holder for only $1.99. We are half re-usable and half plastic bag user at the grocery store since the plastic bags are perfect for dog walks. This handy dispenser will work great out in the garage. Cheap bonus buy!

Off to build my new Expedit and organize my stuff. I'll post before and after photos, so check back often.

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