Monday, August 16, 2010

Color Me Monday: All-Stars, Always!

"CTMH offers a gorgeous palette of 60 amazing colors, and because each one is like a child to me, I love them all! They each have a place, a season, and give something special to artwork.
However, we definitely have a handful of all-stars: colorful players that are always our top sellers in cardstocks and inks, colors that work in virtually any season or theme, and that also have universal appeal. Who am I talking about? The ever-popular Outdoor Denim and his equally versatile teammate, Cranberry. This dynamic duo can best just about any design challenge, and everybody loves working with them whether you’re a consummate artist or a newbie stamper. Today, I’ve partnered Outdoor Denim and Cranberry with Crystal Blue and Bamboo for some great looks."

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