Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Scrapbooking Ideas Come From by Debbie Hodge

I recently discovered Debbie Hodge's FREE class, Where Scrapping Ideas Come From, and have already picked up a few great tips just in her first two lessons. Debbie's FREE 12-lesson class is available via email. Just click here to check-out her website and sign-up for the class. Here's the class intro from her website:
"Just as trees grow branches and branches grow leaves, I believe that a scrapbook page structure can grow ideas for you–original layout ideas that flow easily once you’ve established a starting place.

The structure for a scrapbook page has two components that correlate to the parts of a tree – the trunk and the leafy branches.

The “trunk” of a scrapbook page is the use of design principles. There aren’t a ton of them, and even if you’ve never formally heard about them in conjunction with scrapbooking, you’re probably already using them as you scrapbook or even arrange the furniture and decorations in your home. These design principles are:


The “branches” of your scrapbook page are parts that you combine (using the trunk to guide your choices and placement of them on the page). These page parts are:


Once you know about this structure, you know how to approach the blank page and your own idea generation (i.e., what are some titles that go with photos of my dog? or what images and shapes would look good embellishing a wedding page?)

Once you understand basic design principles, you know how to approach choosing your page elements (i.e., do I want to emphasize one strong photo or am I going to give them all the same weight? or what color canvas would really make my photos stand out?)"

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